Nossibe Ice creams

The ice cream parlor ‘Nossi – Be’ owes its name to an island of Madagascar from where the vanilla beans and cacao they use are imported. This is happening from the beginning; a beginning which dates back more than a century.

It´s in 1911 when the store opens its doors to the people of Biscay as a roasting coffee, pastries and handmade chocolates shop. Nowadays the ice cream parlor still maintains much of the decor of the original store, giving customers a space that breathes the history of Bilbao.

Shortly after Nossi – Be appeared in the life of Bilbao to remain, Victoriano Ortiz, who began his career in the 20s of last century in the kitchen of a prestigious hotel in Puente Viesgo (Cantabria) was born. There, he felt very interested in the gastronomic passion and pastry and his love for ice cream rich in tradition and rooted in Cantabria originated.

After the Spanish Civil War Victoriano set in Bilbao, traveling around Biscay with a cart full of delicious ice creams of tutti frutti, strawberry and chocolate. In 1975 assumed the regency of Nossi – Bé in the Navarra Street in Bilbao, and also opened many ice cream kiosks in different sites of the town.

Victoriano based his entire working career on scrupulous observance of the original recipes and passion for quality work. A lifetime dedicated to ice cream, which made him the most veteran ice cream man in Spain and whose wisdom inherited his daughter, Esther Ortiz Lopez, current master of Nossi Bé ice cream parlor.

She knows how to combine tradition and innovation so that, without sacrificing the knowledge of inherited craftsmanship, she´s involved in continuous research of new techniques and ingredients.
Today, the ice cream parlor ‘Nossi – Be’ is recognized both for the variety and originality of its ice cream flavors, such as the high quality of their product.

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